Udsalgspris Whizzing Through The Woods 9781999954543

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Udsalgspris Whizzing Through The Woods 9781999954543

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Deep in the woods where people seldom go live The Butterfly Children. It was early morning and The Butterfly Children were asleep. All of a sudden DC was woken up by a loud crashing and banging that echoed through the woods. DC rubbed his eyes and stretched his wings. ';Who's making that noise?' he said looking around. DC thought that he had better have a look so he flew out of his flower to investigate. It was Rudy putting the wheel on his new cart. ';I couldn't wait to finish it.' he said ';Sorry if I woke everyone up DC.' ';Finished.' he said ';You can have the first go if you like?' ';Really.' said DC. Rudy jumped into the cart and handed DC the rope. ';Start pulling' he said. ';I might have known there was a catch' said DC as he began to pull Rudy along the path. ';Faster, Faster!' shouted Rudy.After a while DC had to stop to catch his breath, he looked up and saw Theresa brushing her hair. ';Looks like fun.' she said. ';It's not for girls.' said Rudy. ';It's too fast for girls, come on DC let's get going.' DC took a deep breath and off they went again even faster.As they were whizzing through the woods they nearly knocked Chrissie over. ';Beep, Beep!' yelled Rudy. ';Out of the way, stand back, this is not for girls!' ';Look where you';re going!' Chrissie shouted. Rudy tugged even harder on the rope. ';Come on DC, faster, faster!' he shouted.

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  • 20. juli 2018

Udsalgspris Whizzing Through The Woods 9781999954543


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