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Meningsfuld John Nelligan 9780870206993
Meningsfuld John Nelligan 9780870206993
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Uovertruffen Sorte åkander 9788772002965
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Fuld af tegn Spell and Spindle 9780399550720

  • Model: 9780399550720
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Fuld af tegn Spell and Spindle 9780399550720

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Doll Bones meets Splendors and Glooms as a boy trades bodies with a wooden marionette.The Museum of Peculiar Arts holds many oddities--a mechanical heart, a diary bound in its owner's skin . . . and Penny, a child-size marionette who almost looks alive. Fog clouds Penny's memories from before the museum, but she catches glimpses here and there: a stage, deep red curtains, long-fingered hands gripping her strings.One day, a boy named Chance touches Penny's strings and hears her voice in his head. Penny can listen, and watch, and think?Now someone else is watching Penny and Chance--a man with a sharp face, a puppeteer who has the tools to change things. A string through a needle. A twist of a spindle. And suddenly Chance is trapped in Penny's marionette body, while Penny is free to run and dance. She knows that finding a way to switch back is the right thing to do. But this body feels so wonderful, so full of life! How can Penny ever return to her puppet shell?

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  • 9780399550720
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  • Udgivet:
  • 31. juli 2018

Fuld af tegn Spell and Spindle 9780399550720

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